Maths Across the Curriculum

#UKEdChat Session 413 – Thursday 19th July 2018

It’s a mathematical world out there. Nothing quite transcends life, the universe… and school like maths. Every subject area in one way or another is using. But do these lessons reinforce and further mathematical knowledge, or simply use prior numerical knowledge, and how can other subjects support the learning of maths.

In this session of #UKEdChat, we will discuss how you use maths in your teacher, whether you are a maths specialist or a teacher of a different subject completely.


  1. What was your experience of maths when growing up? Any key positive or negative moments?
  2. How would you explain to pupils why is it important to learn maths? Are you a maths role-model for your pupils?
  3. In your opinion, which subject areas are easy to use cross-curriculum maths in? Why?
  4. In your opinion, which subject areas are harder to use cross-curriculum maths in? Why?
  5. Where do/would you get extra maths support from if you need it? What maths CPD have you had, or do you want?
  6. How can all teachers help excite pupils about maths, especially those who have been turned off in the past?
  7. Describe a great lesson where you integrated maths and another subject, or a future lesson you could do.
  8. How can you relate mathematical learning to daily real-life, whether work-related or not?

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