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  • The book gives practical advice to developing whole school practice.
  • The book gives suggestions for teachers on differentiation.
  • The book provides comprehensive research to learn from.
  • This book stands out as it provides comprehensive research alongside practical suggestions for the more able.
  • Perfect for all teachers and school leaders to develop their knowledge and understanding.

Review compiled by: Sarah Wordlaw

Supported by: Routledge Education Publishing

Always high on the agenda for many schools, sits improving outcomes for more able pupils, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This can be an increasingly tricky feat, however, when these are the children who are able to work independently and it can be easy sometimes for the focus to be the pupils who cannot. Statistically, more able pupils make less progress in primary schools than their peers, which is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The book ‘Redefining More Able Education’ is a practical, relevant and challenging introduction to teaching more able students and supporting them to reach their potential. It is a guide to inspire teachers and raise the achievement of all learners through an inclusive approach to more able education. In the book, it discusses many ways to develop our provision for the more-able, and challenges how we can make sure that children reach their full potential.

The book starts by presenting wide and varied research into the area, which helped me fully understand the depth of the issue. In addition to this is offered lots of practical solutions to engaging these children. Something I found particularly resonant was providing visible and ongoing projects – ones without easy answers and encouraging “could be” answers that invite speculation (I’ll be using that one this morning!).

There is much discussion around differentiation and how to build resilience and motivation – sometimes those more able children have developed “learned helplessness” from their peers and need independence of thought fostered. The book also takes a deep look into the history of more able education, the relationship between intelligence and achievement, working with side-lined groups and how pupil can overcome barriers when applying to top universities.

My favourite chapter is 12 – 21 ways to shape a whole school culture. Here is provided practical suggestions which really does what it says on the tin. “Give feedback on best work only” is a strategy that I have started with my more able year 6’s and it is already having an impact.

This book stands out as it provides comprehensive research alongside practical suggestions for the more able. It would be perfect for all teachers and school leaders to develop their knowledge and understanding. As someone who has led on more able pupils across many schools, I have found it invaluable reading.

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