UKEdMag: Feeling More ‘Visible’ = Feeling More Valued by @KidsOwnWisdom

Feeling More ‘Visible’ = Feeling More Valued – This article originally appeared in Issue 49 of the UKEd Magazine. Click here to view.

We consistently observe that children love attention, but have we ever analysed what’s underneath that obvious fact? Since the answer is in this brief article’s title, I’ll say no more about that. I will, though, emphasise the need to analyse the quality of our attention on children.

When our attention is complete and undivided, how do we imagine the impact will be on children’s feelings of being valued? If the answer to that question doesn’t come straight away, can you reference your own childhood, and the quality of attention you received, to gain insight?

For uncountable reasons, attention on others cannot always be pure and undivided, but moments (yes, just moments) – every day – can and do have a deeply nourishing impact … especially when those moments have nothing to do with situations that require corrections which, unfortunately, are the most common times our attention is undivided. Let’s see if we can stretch our pure and undivided attention ‘windows’ to include neutral, happy and constructive moments.

A few more important elements: words aren’t necessary. In fact, they’re sometimes a distraction, with their labelling and ‘boxing’ effects. Just be consistent and uncomplicated, then notice the effects over time.

@KidsOwnWisdom Educator – California, USA

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