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#UKEdChat Session 414 – Thursday 26th July 2018

Free writing can be a thrilling activity when one is writing creatively. Bringing into being a whole universe of characters and possibilities. Your own rules and your own ideas. However, this is not how many young writers (and teachers) feel about writing in the classroom where writing is constrained by what the purpose of the writing is, and writing towards the ‘right answer’ in the writing. Being able to write for a particular purpose is important, but can we also ensure it is a creative endeavour?

In this session of #UKEdChat, we will discuss writing for purpose, both in styles of writing, and writing for specific subjects and topics across the curriculum.


  1. Do you think that writing should always be taught with a purpose, or can practice simply practice?
  2. How does putting writing into context, using methods like mantle of the expert, improve outcomes?
  3. When is best not to write for a particular purpose?
  4. How can reading help pupils learn to write for purpose?
  5. How does writing for purpose change in different subject areas and how can this support literacy skills?
  6. Recount a lesson involving writing for a purpose which went well.
  7. Can writing for a particular purpose constrain creativity?
  8. Share your favourite writing for purpose ideas and activities.

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