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Importance of a PLN - This article originally appeared in Issue 49 of the UKEd Magazine. Click here to view.

When you have a specific interest, it can be difficult to learn more about it from people in your immediate circle of influence. Teaching is broad and we all have that one area we love just a little more than the others. This is why I sought out to understand more about Professional Learning Networks (PLN) and their value to teachers. I am often trying to persuade my peers to get online so they can reap the benefits that I am.

For me, I can see benefits to being part of a PLN; I feel happier and intellectually stimulated and I feel a sense of importance that I too am adding value to others. Furthermore, a camaraderie develops amongst participants in a PLN. The interactions I have had through my PLN have made it easier for me to connect in person; be it at a conference where I am meeting some of my PLN for the first time or whether it is connecting outside for one on one advice or assistance.

Before I finish though, I’m curious if you are part of a PLN? What got you involved? Was it based on a need or an interest?

@ponderingDan STEAM Teacher/Innovations Leader - Melbourne, Australia

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