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For some the summer break has been over for a number of weeks, while others have yet to face that first get-up. However, long before the official start of school, many teachers have been hard at work to make their classrooms a picture of perfection. This raises many questions – foremost being “Why…? Go and enjoy your holiday… weirdos!”

In this week’s #UKEdChat discussion we are talking what makes a great learning and teaching environment, and how the classroom space evolves over the weeks as the term progresses, and even throughout the day as different topics/pupils have different needs and requirements.


  1. When do you ‘do’ your classroom in preparation for the new academic year?
  2. What three words best describes your classroom(s)?
  3. Are you introducing any new innovations to your classroom?
  4. What makes your classroom a good place to learn?
  5. What makes your classroom a good place to teach?
  6. What don’t you like about your classroom?
  7. What could you have in your classroom as a minimum and still be able to teach your subject/age group effectively?
  8. What would you like to add/do to your classroom if you could?

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