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Teaching Mastery in Writing













  • A clear mapped out description of the process of how to teach mastery in writing at a primary level.
  • Excellent reflective questions at the end of each chapter to help teachers reflect on student progress and mastery.
  • Excellent chapter summaries to clarify misconceptions of the content.
  • Real life case studies to explain the content that allows the reader to connect and adapt the theories to the real world and make their lesson content more relevant to the learners.

Review compiled by: Rebecca Halls

Supported by: Bloomsbury Education Publishing

Teaching for Mastery in Writing addresses one of the most important topics discussed at great length in the circles of educational establishments at this current time of great change in education.

This clear and concise book looks at mastery in learning to write especially in the primary school sector and how to tackle the many different aspects of this to achieve the overall goal of each student no matter their starting ability in writing to achieve their target as they move through their learning of the skills to write.

It draws on many different research papers and their outcomes in connection to the planning and understanding of how the many different aspects of pedagogy impact on children’s learning.

This book introduces the ‘F Steps’ as the way to negotiate the difficulties when teaching mastery of writing to primary children. This is the important checklist of the important strands of learning that are explored in the separate chapters succinctly laid out in the book.

Each chapter includes a reflective set of questions at the end to aid teachers to set out their planning and teaching for mastery in writing.

Real life examples are used throughout to help the educator to connect the instructions to actual examples that can illuminate each point being made in the section so to help the process of teaching writing to students.

A detailed appendix of example proformas to use alongside the theory of the gathering of the skill to master writing will help anyone wanting to put the knowledge from the book into practice as a part of their pedagogy towards educating their students to become masters in writing.

Even though this book covers the ways to teach mastery in writing at a primary level I believe it can be easily adapted to teach secondary students who enter the next stage of schooling and are not at the required level of writing at that time.

Product Details:

Teaching for Mastery in Writing provides a practical approach to developing mastery in writing which helps all primary children to develop their skills and inspires a love of writing. This innovative book follows an approach that integrates mastery into existing teaching sequences – an approach which aims to improve the writing ability of all children, not just the more able.

Writing is a tough discipline for children in today’s primary schools. The number of skills they are expected to learn is a source of amazement to many adults outside education. It is no easier to teach, not least because of the many and varied demands on schools, including the National Curriculum, SPaG tests, assessment frameworks and inspections. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that teachers focus on helping children become the most effective communicators they can be through the medium of writing.

Throughout the book, Mike Cain promotes the importance of a classroom culture characterised by focused talk and reasoning, and provides lots of ideas for challenging children in their writing through the development of key learning dispositions and critical thinking skills.

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