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Post-its, squeeky whiteoard pens and PowerPoints… It is the time of year when schools spend huge amounts of money of bring in external experts to train and develop staff. But what makes good training and how can training sessions have a lasting postive impact on learning? How can schools avoid snake-oil sales people, with uplifting, but not impactful speeches?

In this week’s #UKEdChat discussion we will discuss what makes good CPD training and how to maximise the impact in the classroom.


  1. How can we best prepare for a CPD training session?
  2. Can whole school CPD be of use to everyone? What is the ideal audience size?
  3. What has been your favourite and memorable training activity?
  4. What training activities have you not enjoyed?
  5. Do team building activities have value and what good practice have you seen?
  6. How do you disseminate training for colleagues not in the training session?
  7. What’s next on your CPD training wishlist?
  8. What are your top tips for conducting your own training session for your school staff?

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