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HumanEyes Technologies has longstanding experience in 3D and animated content creation and is now one of the leading manufacturers of end-to-end VR video solutions that make the creation of virtual and augmented reality content easy and accessible to everyone. HumanEyes’ latest camera offering is aimed at the education sector through the launch of a new education programme, ‘VR Horizons’. The programme is dedicated to putting virtual reality (VR) cameras in the hands of educators so they can develop a fully immersive VR curriculum that allows students to learn how to produce and share immersive VR stories in preparation for careers that use VR as a tool.

This article originally appeared in Issue 50 of the UKEdMagazine. Click here to freely view.

“VR technology has the power to transform the traditional classroom experience and enables the educators of today to prepare their students to join the workforce of tomorrow. The ‘VR Horizons’ education programme will help lower the biggest barriers to adoption by providing an affordable, accessible, classroom-friendly solution that provides teachers and students with the tools to integrate 360 content creation into the curriculum” said Oren Zvulun, VP Sales at HumanEyes.

Vuze by HumanEyes is the VR industry’s first affordable 3D 360-degree VR camera. It features eight full HD cameras, which simultaneously capture dynamic 360-degree VR video or stills in stunning 4K resolution. The camera allows for the simplest and most cost-effective way to capture highly immersive, professional quality 360-degree VR video and includes live broadcasting capabilities. The ‘VR Horizons’ programme offers the Vuze VR Camera to educators in several classroom friendly kits, including:

• VR Beginners - £540 (MSRP £699) Includes a Vuze VR Camera

• VR Beginners (5 Pack) - £2,230 (MSRP £3,495) Includes 5 Vuze VR Cameras

• VR Classroom Starter Kit - £720 (MSRP £1,335) Includes a Vuze VR Camera, protective cover, tripod,

64 GB Micro SD card, Zeiss VR headset, 10 mini VR glasses, Express Support, one Live broadcast license, one HumanEyes Zone yearly subscription, and unlimited licenses for the Vuze VR Studio.

• VR Classroom Starter Kit (5 Pack) - £3,120 (MSRP £6,319) Includes 5 Vuze Classroom Starter Kits

Custom VR Packages are also available directly from HumanEyes.

Many leading educational institutions across the globe are using the Vuze VR Camera to more effectively teach the principles of virtual reality and its power to create immersive experiences. Five-time Emmy award-winning Professor Kathleen Johnson at Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication selected the Vuze VR Camera for its affordability and ease-of-use and has expanded the programme to include narrative and commercial storytelling.

Kathleen Johnson, Professor at Gaylord College said: “I believe VR storytelling has made our students better journalists, as they must be aware of the entire 360-degree view around them, versus what only fits in the frame, which can add different elements to a story that may not have been present before.”

To learn more about VR Horizons and how Universities, Colleges and Secondary Schools across the world are using the Vuze VR Camera to more effectively teach the principles of VR and its power to create immersive experiences head to


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