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The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to coherence













  • Fantastic clear and succinct chapters that are easily accessible and coherent.
  • The sections for different subjects are relevantly applied and can be adapted to others like them.
  • Seven sections of pure brilliance combining the knowledge of other educators and the passionate thoughts of the author.

Review compiled by: Rebecca Halls

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The Curriculum Gallimaufry to Coherence brings together a plethora of detailed information on curriculum design from extensive research done by an illustrious list of well-known educators and educational writers.

Mary Myatt sets the scene with an introduction to the history of the curriculum to bring in to context the point at which the book addresses the current curriculum developments in education.

The short punchy chapters summarise each of the areas that essentially need to be addressed to bring together all the aspects of a successful curriculum in any school whether it is primary or secondary.

This is an uplifting book that breaks down all the parts of the curriculum into easily understandable sections that anyone can grasp. It comes at the perfect time in the ever-changing environment of schooling and is simple to follow. Mary shows an honest look at the many facets of curriculum design and encourages high challenge and aspirational learning for all. The key quotes from inspirational people put the chapters in context with the real world, clearly, Mary is extremely passionate about this as is inferred in the tone of the book that draws the reader into the exciting theories and narrative.

The chapters based on a range of different subjects from English to Physical Education adapt the ideas of the rest of the book putting the whole point of curriculum design into context with the subject and allow the teachers to change their pedagogy to embed the curriculum essentials into their practice and also share with other colleagues in their departments and faculties.

This book overflows with wisdom about curriculum design and is a must for any CPD library no matter the level of the teacher from NQT to Senior leaders anyone in the teaching industry should read it and be able to embrace the ideas contained.

From the publisher:

Inspiring and helpful in equal measure, this book is going to make a significant contribution to the work schools need to do to make the vision of a coherent curriculum a reality. -Tom Sherrington, Former teacher and headteacher; consultant and author of The Learning Rainforest

Globally, new attention is being given to curriculum principles and curriculum practice. Mary Myatt’s book is a major contribution to this debate. She combines an encyclopedic knowledge of schools with a crystal-clear description of curriculum principles and few books range so effectively across curriculum theory and day-to-day practice in the classroom. Mary does this with huge authority and extreme clarity. A must-read for all those involved in improving education. -Tim Oates CBE, Group Director of ARD, Assessment Research and Development

This book weaves together theory, research, policy, and practice to provide educators at every stage of their career a practical guide to coherent curriculum design. Chapters divided by subject and strategy make it easy to keep coming back to, whilst Mary’s humorous and intelligent prose make it a pleasure to read. -Claire Hill Head of English and Media Studies Dover Grammar School for Girls

‘This is an absolutely sizzling synthesis of practical wisdom about curriculum. Rooted in research and punctuated with inspirational examples, Mary has written an accessible and engaging guide to everything that a school needs to know to clarify, deepen and extend its curriculum thinking.’ — David Weston, Chief Executive, Teacher Development Trust

About the Author

Mary Myatt has been teaching and advising in schools for 20 years. She is blogs and provides resources for school improvement at and is the author of ‘High Challenge, Low Threat’ and ‘Hopeful Schools’.

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