Maintaining Enthusiasm

Thursday 20th September 2018

Many teachers think that teaching is the best profession in the world. It is also true that many teachers find that maintaining enthusiasm, in the face of myriad issues which hinder teachers being allowed to just teach, can be difficult at times. Furthermore, even the most enthused student can take a knock in motivation day to day, lesson to lesson.

In this week’s #UKEdChat discussion we will talk about what decreases our enthusiasm, what we can do to maintain our enthusiasm and that of our students, and what are the impacts on schools and learning.


  1. Are there particular times of year where your enthusiasm for school and teaching suffers?
  2. At what points of your school week does your enthusiasm peak and trough? Why?
  3. What can senior leaders do you improve the enthusiasm of staff?
  4. With research showing parts of the UK with the lowest job satisfaction of comparable countries (see here), what external factors may impact the enthusiasm of the profession as a whole?
  5. How can that enthusiasm of new teachers be maintained for the length of a career?
  6. What active steps do you take to improve your own enthusiasm and the staff around you?
  7. What impacts negatively on the enthusiasm of pupils?
  8. How do you improve the enthusiasm and motivation of your pupils?


This is a highlight summary of some of the tweets shared during the session. Please click the link at the foot of the page to read the full archive.

Although many individuals feel blessed at their role of being a teacher, maintaining the initial enthusiasm throughout the school year can be a challenge, especially when you add the internal school politics, workload, and juggling with unenthused Year 9’s on a wet Friday afternoon.

Additionally, further challenges such as the winter period - arriving and leaving at work in the darkness, after the final exam in GCSE season, or usually towards the end of the term when tiredness kicks in. However, during a normal week peaks and troughs can appear - It peaks when my best class has that “Ohhhhh…!” penny has dropped moment when they get what it is I’m teaching, usually Wednesday morning….the trough is right before you teach that class of y9s you just don’t click with….

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