Building character: why we do what we do by @MaximJKelly

Fundamentally, as a school, we believe in learning.
 We create opportunities for children to become confident, curious, creative and courageous. We don’t do something because it’s always been done. We do it because we believe it’s a better way and has a greater impact on the lives of our children. And we believe our approach results in Laxey Learners.

And finally, it is vital to stress that “Laxey Learners” is not our latest initiative that has to be delivered. It is a statement of what happens if you come to the school we already have and experience the curriculum and opportunities we already give.

It is not some target driven scheme. It is not about progress, percentages and pie-charts. Instead, it recognises that learning is messy, not linear. It recognises that attainment is unique, individual and ultimately not as important as the people we aim to become. We want people with values such as inclusivity and compassion. We want people who can find success in whatever they do – but understand that success is measured in different ways and looks different for everyone. And we want people who can go out into the world and contribute, drawing on a mindset and skill set that allows them not only to survive but to thrive. We want to build character.

And at Laxey, we think we do just that.

*Credit to Kensington Primary School, Manor Park, London for inspiring this project through their own work.

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I am the Executive Headteacher of two schools in the Isle of Man (Dhoon School and Laxey School) which form the Laxey / Dhoon Federation. The schools are on the mid to north east coast of the Isle of Man and are roughly 5 miles apart.

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