Help children step into a world of books with @BloomsburyEd #BloomsburyYoungReaders Series

Bloomsbury Young Readers are the perfect way to get children aged 5-7 reading, with book-banded stories by brilliant authors like Julia Donaldson, packed with gorgeous colour illustrations.

This is a great series of books aimed at KS1 pupils, aged from 5+. Featuring great authors, and accompanied with engaging colourful illustrations throughout, the books are phonically decodable and have been book banded and reviewed by literacy experts. Inside cover notes to help adults reading with children and give activity ideas, ideal for school or home.

Elvis the Squirrel

Tony Bradman

Illustrated by Ashley King

When Elvis the squirrel’s best friend is carried off by Ronnie the raven, the meanest bird in the wood, Elvis has to make a cunning plan.

Mighty Max

Carrie Weston

Illustrated by Tim Bradford

Max is a monster with sharp teeth and a long spiky tail. He really shouldn’t show off for the children who come to visit his lake, but he just can’t resist…

Alfie Takes Action

Karen Wallace

Illustrated by Ellie O’Shea

Alfie the meerkat just wants adventure and excitement. So when a film crew for a nature programme arrives in the desert, Alfie decides to take action…

Eye, Eye, Captain!

Jane Clarke

Illustrated by Jennie Poh

Captain Cutlass cannot see a thing without his glasses. But pirates don’t wear glasses and if his crew finds out they’ll make him walk the plank…

Alice Goes to Hollywood

Karen Wallace

Illustrated by Katy Halford

Alice the anteater dreams of being a film star. But can anteaters be actors?

Cereal Superfan

Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by Garry Parsons

When cereal superfan Stephen’s supply of cereal runs out, he is devastated. But there’s a competition to win a lifetime supply – if he can build the perfect cereal…

It Wasn’t Me

Joanna Nadin

Illustrated by Pauline Reeves

When Alfie is in trouble he blames Dave, the terrible gremlin that lives in his sock drawer. But one day Dave really does appear… Will Alfie’s parents ever believe that it really wasn’t him?

Pet Quest

Jenny McLachlan

Illustrated by Sarah Hoyle

All Harvey wants is a pet, yet his dad says that their flat is too small. But surely it’s big enough for a slimy slug, or a hairy spider, or even an ant called Teeny, right?

Sports Day

Jane Lawes

Illustrated by Sarah Jennings

Emmie’s school is having a big sports day and everyone has to choose which event to do. But Emmie isn’t sure what to choose and she is sure that she is going to come in last…

Zoom to the Moon

Jenny McLachlan

Illustrated by Andy Rowland

On a school trip to the space museum, Reva and Bobby climb into a real rocket named Jupiter Two… Soon, Reva and Bobby are on their way to the moon!

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