A Headteacher’s Wonderings; Two Years in! by @susanwalter99

Preparation: I wondered what my first year would be like.

Before coming to Hong Kong for the interview, I had researched the school, I knew about the curriculum, the activities that are made available for the students, the approach to teaching through enquiry, and I had read all the available policies, school news and information on the website. But what I didn’t know at that time, was how the school culture played out. I had an idea from everything that was written, and from speaking to colleagues who knew the school, but I still couldn’t see it, feel it, understand it. To me, it was still hidden.

But DBIS is a great school with an extremely positive reputation so I could imagine that most of what I felt the culture would be like was going to ring true. That said, I am always mindful of what a previous mentor of mine cautioned about. The simple, yet enormous reality, that although senior leaders are supposedly in charge of their organisations, they are not necessarily in control of what went on in the past or what might happen in the future. And that senior leader was soon likely to be me!

To this day, this resonates strongly with me and reminds me of the importance of really getting to know what is going on in my school. Just because an established member of the school community tells me that this is the culture of our school, doesn’t mean it is.

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