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Thursday 11th October 2018

Time… there simply isn’t enough. Teachers perpetually moving from one priority to the next, do-to list in hand. Descriptions of teachers include jugglers and plate-spinners as much as educators and guides. Are we doomed to dance to the overactive drum-beat of the system, or is there things that we can do to give ourselves more time to do what is truly important. Indeed, are we responsible for wasting our own time, and that of colleagues.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, we discussed how teachers, pupils and schools as a whole can claim back vital hours, minutes and even seconds to work more efficiently and use time more wisely.


  1. What is the biggest waste of time for the profession as a whole?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be efficient in your teaching and admin? What things do you do which could be more efficient?
  3. What does your non-contact time / free periods look like? Are these used wisely and efficiently?
  4. What are your top admin time-saving tips?
  5. What are your top teaching time-saving tips?
  6. What are your top time-saving tips for working in groups or within departments?
  7. How can we help pupils be more efficient with their time to improve learning?
  8. How can schools work more efficiently to save time for what is truly important?

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