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Thursday 25th October 2018

Session: #427

In the week when the OECD published their latest report, noting that educational disadvantage starts from the age of 10 (click here to read the story) across many countries, and widens throughout students’ lives, it is clear that many societies still have a lot to do. Whether the disadvantages are down to family circumstance, race, gender (identification), wealth and socio-economic background, or a distinct lack of opportunity and belief in oneself – what can education and educators do to help bridge the divide that allows opportunities for some, more than others?

Following on from the very popular online poll, this session will attempt to unpick some of the main issues surrounding the disadvantage in our education systems.


  1. Inequalities in the education system are far too big for schools to fix, but what steps can teachers make to show opportunities for their students?
  2. What are some of the most obvious inequalities that lead to a disadvantage for students in your daily practice?
  3. What aspects of inequality and disadvantage frustrate you the most in your school?
  4. In your opinion, what are the greatest barriers to overcome to reduce disadvantage?
  5. If your school has identified disadvantage for a group of students, what strategies have been implemented to help?
  6. Is there a time in your life where you felt disadvantaged? What steps (if any) did you take to overcome the challenge?
  7. Is your school active in addressing disadvantage in the wider school community?
  8. What inspirational people – from the present day, or history – do you use (or could use) as examples of individuals who have overcome disadvantage to be successful in their area of life?

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