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Session: #429

Writing is vital to most examples of learning. It is how civilisation conveys information from generation to generation, it is how parents often communicate their needs and fears for their children as notes to the teacher, and it is how little Johnny/Jane tells you about what their cat and/or dog did at the weekend. Some people love writing, while others struggle with it, but everyone has to write to some degree in their daily lives, and all of this stems from their experiences in the classroom.

Following on from the online poll, this session discussed how writing is taught, whether this currently prepares pupils for the future, and the future of writing in the digital age.


  1. How does everyday ‘functional’ writing differ from creative writing, and how they are taught?
  2. How can pupils best acquire vocabulary, both in general and within subject areas?
  3. How do you use drafting to teach writing?
  4. Is your classroom a good place for pupils to write, and how could it be improved?
  5. Are we teaching our pupils the right writing skills/genres, when many adults will not use creative writing skills regularly?
  6. How is writing changing in the digital age?
  7. We often talk about reading for pleasure, but how can we promote writing for pleasure?
  8. What writing do you enjoy doing and how can that be supported?

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