Working with Parents

Thursday 15th November 2018

Session #430

Although our pupils are the beating heart of all schools, a lot of their success, aspirations and attitudes are influenced by their home life and relationships with their own parents and/or caregivers. As teachers, you can only deal with the individuals presented in your classroom, but investing time in involving parents in the education of their children is also advantageous to ensure that pupils achieve academically to help fulfil their full potential. With many challenges in life, some families invest more in their children than others, which can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the level of encouragement.

Following on from the online poll, this session explored the opportunities, challenges and successes in involving parents or caregivers within the school community, at all levels of education.


  1. What strategies does your school practice in encouraging greater engagement with parents/caregivers?
  2. Share some of the greatest successes in working closely with parents/caregivers in your setting.
  3. What are the greatest challenges for teachers in communicating with parents/caregivers?
  4. How does your setting target the ‘hard to reach’ parents/caregivers to ensure they remain invested in their child’s education?
  5. What additional help does your school provide to pupils where the support from parents/caregivers cannot be ideal?
  6. What partnerships with local community activities does your school undertake to help bridge the gap between school and parents/caregivers (and the wider community)?
  7. What place, if any, does technology have in helping improve ongoing communication between schools and families without adding further work to teachers?
  8. What would your ideal parents evening look like?

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