Maths Puzzle – How To Improve Maths Skills Across The Curriculum

Session #431

A lack of maths skills is a largely hidden disadvantage in our society, meaning that people are less able to balance their finances, operate in the workplace, and function fully in everyday activities. It is now an educational cliché to talk about those who boast, “I can’t do maths”, but there are many more who are silent on the issue. With research (such as this and this) showing that the attitude of maths in the home is playing a role in the maths ability and development, what can schools do to give their pupils more opportunities to excel in maths?

In this session we will discuss how maths is currently taught in your school, how schools can work with the community, and how maths can be supported beyond maths classes.


  1. What are some of the causes and consequences of adults who have poor maths skills?
  2. What is the current picture of maths in your school?
  3. What provision is available for pupils who struggle with maths in your school?
  4. How is the community involved with developing maths skills of pupils? If not, have could it be involved?
  5. As parental confidence in maths improves the maths ability of pupils, how can schools help parents to help their children?
  6. Why does maths in school, a creative and important subject, turn off so many people?
  7. How is maths development promoted in your subject, or across the curriculum?
  8. How can non-specialists in maths develop a greater confidence in maths and including it in their lessons?

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