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  • The funny comparisons to problems arising with the teaching profession are a good way to lighten the in depth content of the book.
  • The real problem in the teaching profession is openly addressed throughout and clear strategies are suggested.
  • Summaries at the end of each chapter make the content more understandable and easier to digest.
  • Clearly teacher shortage will damage the students and it is about time someone highlighted the issue that no one will acknowledge.

Review compiled by: Rebecca Hall

Supported by: Routledge Education Publishing

The Teacher Gap by Rebecca Allen and Sam Sims addresses one of the most debated and discussed topics currently in the teaching industry. It delves deeper into the widening UK teacher shortage crisis that has plagued the teaching profession for the last decade.

Finally, a book that looks into the reasons why so many young teachers are leaving the profession caused by an increased workload and constant pressure from senior management where they work.

This book is divided into nine clear chapters looking into the problems that cause teachers to change their careers after such a short time in the profession by making humorous comparisons related to the topic that is covered in each chapter. For example, trying to cha cha cha on a ship full of mouldy fruit and likening good teachers to peaches and bad lemons.

As a fellow educator who has experienced a non-supportive school where I had to blindly find my way to an Academy where CPD and support is an integral part of the everyday culture I can fully relate to the chapters covering teacher motivation and workloads that are unmanageable and ridiculous, that have caused so many NQTS to not even last their first three years in the job.

This book is an essential read for ALL headteachers and senior leadership teams to encourage the support for new staff although more acknowledgement to the needs of those who have been teaching longer would have made this the perfect read for all staff. It is imperative that all staff no matter how long they have been teaching get the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of their subject and not just brand new NQTs.

All teachers will experience burnout at some point so to reduce this the methods of training and mentoring effectively from this book should be heeded by any leadership team in any school no matter whether it is an Academy, state secondary or primary school or even a grammar.

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