The All Seeing Eye: Behaviour & Technology

Thursday 29th November 2018

Session #432

Ever had the feeling you are being watched…? The chance would be a fine thing in many classes I’ve taught! However, the eyes of your pupils are not the only ones watching you. With our lives increasingly moving into the digital domain, how can pupils and teachers navigate this seemingly intimate, yet public sphere? We litter the internet with echos of ourselves in a snapshot of time, a moment which our current ‘professional’ self may not wish to have in the public domain. All this in addition to commercial companies ‘scraping’ data from our digital footprints and making assumptions about us.

In this UKEdChat discussion, we will discuss teachers’ and pupils’ digital footprints and how we can change our behaviour to minimise risks when in the digital space.


1. How does your school now use digital platforms to monitor the behaviour of students?
2. How does your school utilise publically open social media platforms to monitor the lives of students and/or teachers?
3. How can we inform students and colleagues of the potential ‘All Seeing Eye’ in terms of their use of digital platforms?
4. What are the essential ‘no-nos’ in terms of monitoring the use of social media relating to your students or colleagues?
5. Quite simply, would a ban on all smartphones (teachers and pupils) help improve anti-social behaviour in your school? Why?
6. What student behaviours to you find to be the most annoying when teaching? How could technology help to prevent it?
7. What routes to punishments or sanctions should be placed upon individuals where evidence is clear that their online behaviour has been negative? What are the consequences?
8. How should we teach and inform students about behaving responsibly in terms of their digital footprint?

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