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  1. This was a really interesting piece , Elizabeth. I’m an “older” teacher; when I went to school – it was a red-brick comp – the library was a popular refuge for the bookish and vulnerable. In the school I teach at today, the books are rarely used and it’s really just become another work space.

    I wonder if it might help to see school libraries and librarians in a different way. Perhaps they could become a place where important, treasured books are curated and featured? I always loved quirky little bookshops where books are displayed and bookshop workers write little cards about why they’ve loved the books so much. That kind of things. And people could donate important, even valuable books that they had once treasured- fiction and non-fiction on a range of subjects.

    School libraries can’t begin to contain the range and depth of materials that students need and expect these days. That’s what the internet is for.

    The approach or mindset I’ve crudely outlined I just might help people fall in love with books again.

    Thanks for writing this.


    • Thanks for your comment Craig!

      You make a really interesting observation, but whilst I too love old books and believe that students need to be encouraged to read for pleasure, the school library of today should be offering so much more.

      A well run and staffed school library sees their school librarian beyond the keeper of books but someone who is an expert in information and provides the expertise needed to use online resources and explore the internet safely and critically. Providing academic online resources linked to curriculum topics, ebooks as well as internet access whilst also supporting reading for pleasure and learning.

      School libraries are essential in helping today’s students navigate this online world critically and effectively. Spotting Fake News and misinformation with critical literacy skills and are needed now more than ever taught in collaboration with teachers and through the curriculum.

      Whilst I also love books, and love your idea, I think that students of today want more… school libraries need space for new and modern fiction and a space for online learning. It is a fine balance of space and need and such a difficult path to tread but an important one…

      I write a lot about school libraries on my blog that you might be interested in…https://www.elizabethahutchinson.com/blog

      Thanks again for your comment.

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