Reflective Teaching: Looking Back To Move Forward

Thursday 20th December 2018

Session 435: Reflecting on what has been learnt (or not learnt) is vital for our pupils to know where to focus their efforts next. In the same way, reflecting upon one’s teaching craft is vital to improvement. Yet too many of us feel we do not have time to reflect because we have to move onto the next lesson or admin task. How can we create the time to pick apart our lessons and what are the best methods to do so?

In this #UKEdChat discussion, we will discuss how to make better use of reflection and which methods to use for best results for future lessons.


1. Do you feel you have adequate time to reflect on your teaching and how can we make more time for reflection?

2. What are the barriers to reflective teaching?

3. How can colleagues help your own reflection of your lessons?

4. What are the best methods to help you reflect on your teaching?

5. Do formal assessments processes, such as performance management, help or hinder reflection on your teaching?

6. Where is the best location to reflect on your teaching?

7. What can the way we ask pupils to reflect on their learning teach us about how teachers can reflect on their teaching?

8. When in the year should teachers particularly reflect on their teaching?

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