Safeguarding: What to do when something is wrong

Thursday 3rd January 2019

For most children, school holidays are a chance to grow together as a family and time to take a break from classes (although we hope that learning continues!). But not all children look forward to school holidays. School may be their sanctuary from conflict and abuse from home or elsewhere. The most important, and often the most difficult step to safeguard vulnerable children is identifying that they are vulnerable in the first place, as the truth is often hidden very well. Safeguarding training is a yearly mandatory course in many parts of the UK, but are teachers confident at spotting issues and stepping in when needed?

In this #UKEdChat discussion, we will discuss the current state of safeguarding in schools and how teachers can become better at working together to keep all pupils safe.


  1. When was your last safeguarding training and what were your impressions?
  2. Do you think that safeguarding training equips teachers adequately to identify and manage issues if they were to arise?
  3. What is in your school’s safeguarding policy and are you confident in applying it?
  4. Do you think that safeguarding is a high enough priority in schools? What more needs to be done?
  5. What would you like to see/know from future safeguarding training?
  6. Can you cite an example of when you have had to enact safeguarding procedures to protect a pupil?
  7. How does your school coordinate and collaborate with outside organisations/individuals to give better protection to children?
  8. In one tweet, what is your summary and/or advice for good safeguarding.

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