Technology at School – The EdTech market in Russia

Moscow represented its key megaprojects and edtech startups in the field of education in London from January 23 to January 26 at BETT Show.

The projects were presented in the format of the unique interactive quest where the digital educational initiatives were performed in the game quest format at the exhibition stand. Over 400 visitors experienced the technological adventure.

The quest is a unique design of Moscow City Department of Education.

Following up the last year idea, Moscow stand at the BETT Show 2019 was constructed in the concept of a spaceship of the future, “future education”.

A year ago, Moscow booth became one of the most visited at BETT – more than 10,000 people visitors over 4 days.

At BETT Show 2019 the following projects were represented:

Moscow Electronic School: combination of traditional education and digital technology, combines the functionality of an electronic journal and diary and a library of electronic educational materials. The project is implemented in all governmental schools. This is a consistent system for teachers, parents and students.

“I liked e-school – I don’t have to carry all workbooks with me and it’s so cool to have a huge computer in the classroom” – said one of the kids.

VR-astronomy: the visitor gets into the solar system, with all the planets of the system and their satellites, as well as other space objects, are modeled.

Vr-chemistry: a modelled laboratory for chemical experiments.

VR-stereometry: the student can feel the rules and laws of building figures.

VR-health and safety: the student tries to survive and get out of the fire in the house.

VR-excursion around vocational classes in Moscow schools:

Visitors took a tour around specialised Medical, Engineering, Natural classes in VR-360 mode. At the virtual tour was possible to see the panorama and construction of each class and get to know about the equipment for students.

The British schoolkids got excited with Moscow projects:

“I would really want to have something cool like VR at my school.  I want to study history in that!”; “It’s so easier to understand what’s happening in astronomy when you can see it with your eyes”.

Besides the quest that introduced the projects, few events about the structure of Moscow schools, trends and planned projects within the framework of digitalization of education were held in the lecture hall.

The head of the Moscow Center for the Quality of Education, the program director of the Moscow International Forum “City for Education”, Pavel Kuzmin, said

“in less than 10 years Moscow has managed to introduce an innovative system in education that has no analogues in the world. We have already managed to present our megaprojects in the UAE, where colleagues from the international community appreciated the Moscow Electronic School. Now we have presented them at BETT, as well as 5 key technology startups”.

For the first time 5 edtech startups were represented in the international arena with the support of the Moscow City Department of Education.

Visiting the international exhibitions and conferences is one of the key ways to establish international network and exchange experience. Representatives of the Moscow delegation held a number of strategic meetings with BETT organizers in London, Asia and Brazil. The Moscow delegation has scheduled the participation at BETT in Brazil.

International colleagues highly appreciated the projects presented at the stand, once again emphasizing the revolutionary and innovative strategy of Moscow education.

The representatives of the Department met colleagues from the UAE and secured cooperation between the Moscow City of Education Forum and AQDAR. In 2019 there will be a special Aqdar World Summit area at Moscow Global Forum «City for Education».

«I think Moscow and Russia have revolutionazed education. Moscow is preparing future generations towards new education, where learning becomes essential. The availability of education, the tools of education and the technology that Moscow is bringing is revolutionizing the whole concept of higher education and schooling as well»,

– expressed his emotions Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, chancellor at Hamsan Bin Mohammed Smart University

Bett is the largest educational exhibition in Europe and has been held for almost 35 years. Every year the exhibition brings together more than 35 thousand teachers and specialists. This year, representatives of 136 countries of the world take part in the exhibition, including Russia. The Moscow City Department of Education presented key projects in London for the second time.

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