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Thursday 7th February 2019 - Session 441

The importance of offering a broad curriculum within the school system cannot be over-stated, allowing students to explore a range of topics that spark their interest, and potentially inspire them to follow a career path that can have a positive impact on their lives, society and the environment.

STEM activities (built around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) offer a broad range of opportunities, opening up the potential of enquiry based learning that is relevant to the world we live in. Many education systems globally place a great emphasis on a STEM curriculum for all students, no matter of age, race, gender or ability, but what STEM based activities work best in your setting, helping students see the world differently, and potentially inspiring to enter STEM careers of the future?

In this #UKEdChat session, we encouraged and invited educators globally to share their favourite STEM-based activities, building a handy resource for teachers to implement in their classroom. The session posed the following questions:

  1. How important are STEM activities within your setting, and how do you incorporate them into regular teaching and learning?
  2. How do you challenge any misconceptions or biases about certain pathways that STEM learning opens up?
  3. How do you create more opportunities, through STEM activities, to ensure inclusion for all?
  4. What are the greatest challenges of incorporating STEM activities into the curriculum?
  5. How do you use technology to support STEM activities, and what are the best resources available to use?
  6. How can you use STEM activities to support enquiry-based learning, or enhance problem solving skills?
  7. What are the ‘go-to’ resources, websites or people that you refer to for STEM activity ideas?
  8. What are your favourite STEM-based classroom activities, that never fail to enthuse your students?

Resources, ideas and activities shared in this session can be viewed (changed and edited) on our Wiki site, available by clicking here.

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