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Love to Teach: Research And Resources For Every Classroom













  • Kate's passion for teaching and her pedagogy development shines through the book.
  • Offers practical resources, ideas and activities to be used immediately in your own classroom.
  • Real-life examples of practice shared, using resources highlighted.
  • Highlights the benefits of using Social Media platform to develop your own professional development.

For a majority, the love and passion of teaching is a joy to behold. Kate Jones is one such teacher. Having met her before she ventured off to work in the Middle East, it was clear to see how she is always seeking for new and engaging ways to inspire her pupils who are firmly set at the heart of her career.

In her new book, Kate begins with the assertion that primary teachers choose their job to teach children, whereas secondary teachers enter the profession to teach their subject to children. Whether you agree with this notion, or not, there is no denying that many teaching colleagues are always looking at new ways to bring their teaching to life, igniting a passion in a subject for their pupils that will help them achieve and follow their life goals.

The book, split into eight main chapters, looks at the main aspects of a typical lesson, including the best way to start a lesson; how to make learning stick; along with using technology for impact, supporting revision, and embracing literacy across your subject. Through the book, Kate acknowledges notions such as Cognitive Load Theory, exploring theories of memory, and (most importantly) developing empathy with your students. Kate shares some of the strategies that have worked well in her teaching, such as a Thinking and Learning Grid, examining how she used this in a real-life scenario, helping students make excellent connections and links between different factors.

Towards the end, Kate explores enhancing your own CPD (professional development), encouraging readers to explore the community of teachers on Twitter (including #UKEdChat) – including tips on getting involved in a Twitter chat – the world of LinkedIn, and great podcasts to listen to for teachers. She even cites her own Exit Ticket Emoji resource (click here) as an example of the power of sharing resources freely among communities to help inspire teachers in different settings and countries.

Kate has produced an easily-accessible book that’s great for inspiration, providing tips, ideas and resources she has found effective within her own classroom teaching journey. Her passion and dedication is clear to see, and this book is testament to her commitment to the profession, and suited brilliantly for new and experienced teachers alike.

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