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We’ve all been there… you are excited. You have the perfect lesson planned. You have been laminating and cutting out for half the night and your plan has just the right balance of pace, content and skills to move your pupils on. But as the pupils arrive, something is… off.

Our pupils bring more baggage with them into the classroom than just a satchel. Whether it is issues within the previous lesson, or problems the pupils bring with them from home, how can we mitigate the negative impact on learning and ensure that pupils are ready to learn?

In this #UKEdChat we will discuss what are the biggest stumbling blocks which mean that pupils are not fully prepared for learning at the beginning of a lesson and what teachers and schools can do to help pupils start learning from the moment a lesson starts.


  1. What are/were your own barriers to learning, both now and when you were at school? How do/did you manage these?
  2. In your experience, what does ‘not ready to learn’ look like?
  3. What are the main (a) school-based and (b) home-based reasons why some pupils are not ready to learn? How could these be improved?
  4. Are there some issues which are unavoidable which will always impact on pupils frame of mind to learn and their organisational skills?
  5. What can be done at the school level to help pupils ‘get in the zone’ to learn?
  6. How can pupils help themselves and their peers improve their readiness to learn?
  7. Other approaches: Could flipped learning, use of technology, or other overarching strategies improve readiness to learn?
  8. What strategies can be used when pupils chronically come to class over the long-term not in the right frame of mind to learn?

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