Conformity vs Individuality in Education

Thursday 7th March 2019 - Session #445

At its inception in the Victorian era, mass education in the UK focused very much on conformity, based on the prevailing ‘factory production’ mindset on the age. But how much has changed? With top down curricula and a rigid exam system testing the merest fraction of what is actually important, has education really left the production line behind?

In this #UKEdChat we will discuss where schools and educators stand on the conformity/individuality spectrum and the pros and cons of each for the pupil, their peers and the educators.


  1. Do you think that the current education system promotes conformity or individuality?
  2. Should it be the role of schools to help pupils conform to social/cultural norms?
  3. How does your school overtly promote (a) conformity and (b) individuality?
  4. Is there a point when the many should trump the individually of the one within the learning environment?
  5. As a teacher, when do you expect your pupils to conform and when do you ask them to show individuality within your class?
  6. What role does EdTech play in promoting conformity or individuality?
  7. Do you think that the future of education is conformist or individualist?
  8. Do schools value the individuality of teachers/staff?

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