UKEdMag: Controlling risk in an intuitive world by @NewEraEdCG

Having a young grandson really brings home the intuitive nature of technology these days. Without any training whatsoever he navigates and investigates any devices to which he has access and there are many he encounters in his daily life. He is able to find features that we as adults didn’t even know exist let alone use.

The devices help him to learn and to be creative. He takes photos and manipulates them, he writes freely and willingly, he reads enthusiastically. Autocomplete text facilities speed up his writing without disrupting the thought process. He uses voice activated searches to good effect. He goes online. He uses the tools to learn. 

But as with all things positive there is a downside. There is risk. His ability and skills far outstrip his understanding. He operates the technology available to him at the stage of unconscious competence but his understanding of risk is poor. Of course we monitor and control access, but in too few years he’ll have access to devices outside our reach, at school, at play. As parents, grandparents, educators we need to educate him sensitively and carefully. It’s never too early. 

We must keep our children safe.

@NewEraEdCG Director of Education – Reading

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