UKEdMag: Healing the wounds by @MrsGrant_BATL

With the EU Referendum creating a divide Britain, many of us have been left wondering how we as educators can help heal the wounds. I was pondering this exact dilemma and came to a conclusion - Through the classroom.

This week, I have been on an English as an Additional Language placement as a student in a school with a high concentration of pupils that are Black minority ethnic and/or have English as an additional language. It was a school-rich in all languages, that celebrates six religious days as well as observing all nearly all social action justice days. The children were welcoming and accepting of everyone that didn’t look or sound quite like them. 

I observed a P4C session and it gave me hope. Our children are the future and it is through them that we have the opportunity to sow the seeds to nurture a process of reconciliation to bridge the divide. If we teach the children to be more tolerant to each other, this may suffuse back to families and make a difference. Currently, it feels we have very few ways to change our current situation. However, as teachers, the answer may lay right in front of us. 

@MrsGrant_BATL Student Teacher - Sheffield

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