Clean (some of) your digital data with the @JumboPrivacy iOS app

Delete your old social media postings...

With so many more employers, parents and students all browsing through social media platforms, no educator wants an old tweet or an old Facebook post to land them in trouble. Yet, ploughing through all your old social media posts, and deleting them, could be a never-ending chore if you’re a prolific updater.

Now, thanks to Jumbo, a great little free iOS app, you can easily remove old Twitter posts, limit what others can see of your life on Facebook, delete your Google search history, and purge all of Amazon’s recordings of your conversations with Alexa. (Data privacy controls for your Instagram and Tinder accounts are “coming soon.”)

Within their privacy settings, the app highlights…

We never collect, store or process data you manage through Jumbo. In fact, we don’t even know who you are.

For now, that’s about it. The app is free, simple to use, and clears data from many popular online sources, but also promises support for Dropbox and iCloud backups also “coming soon”, which is very promising if you want to keep a record of those cheeky memories for yourself!

For now, the app is available for iPhone (and iPad too), and you can check out the developer on Twitter via @jumboprivacy – although I assume they regularly delete their older tweets 🙂

Find the app by clicking the App Store link above, or by clicking here.

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