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Despite the vast array of options when it comes to EdTech, walking around exhibitions you can’t help but notice that the technology is converging, and that one black screen looks like all the other black screens, the ‘solutions’ are solving the same things and the high prices, alas, are also ubiquitous. But what impact is this having on learning?

Few educators truly use the full capabilities of the tech available to them, due to a lack of time, training, or ideas for how it can be deployed, and some teachers can allow the technology to take precedence over pedagogy and learning.

In this session of #UKEdChat we discussed how to use the EdTech you have more efficiently and creatively to provide greater learning opportunities.

  1. What EdTech do you have (a) available in your school and (b) what do you use on a daily basis?
  2. Do you feel you have the training/skills to make full use of the EdTech you have?
  3. What EdTech hardware would you like to ask the UKEdChat community for ideas and tips?
  4. What are your favourite apps and sites, and how do you use them?
  5. Where do you get your ideas for integrating tech into your lessons?
  6. How does your school use tech to communicate? How could this be improved?
  7. What are your biggest EdTech bugbears and what are the barriers to using tech more?
  8. What are your favourite learning activities which use EdTech?

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Chat participants:

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