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Learning with Leonardo: Unfinished Perfection - What does Da Vinci tell us about making children cleverer?













  • Explores the 7 key concepts into a modern context.
  • Philosophical influence throughout the book that should make you think deeply.
  • Offers insights on how da Vinci's works can supporting the learning process of individuals.

From the outset, I want to be clear – Leonardo da Vinci, not Leonardo DiCaprio. But don’t despair, there is a still a lot Mr da Vinci has to offer in our modern world, with many of seven key concepts that drove his inventive thinking still helping to influence our creative thinking.

Ray Speakman and Ian Warwick, in their book, look closely at the seven key concepts that influenced da Vinci’s life, and how they can make our own learning more original and thoughtful. The seven key concepts are no big secret, but the authors frame them into a modern narrative that makes understanding ourselves, nature and reality possible. Throughout, much is made of Leonardo’s notebooks – the sanctuary where he noted his observations, thoughts and discoveries – where he was constantly pushing his understanding to the edges of what was possible during the period he lived. A lot can be learned from such an approach, as jotting down our thoughts, discoveries and inspirations can help us organise our minds – and could be beneficial for many young learners.

So, where does this book sit in terms of our education systems, and what can educators learn from it, and what of the influence of Leonardo da Vinci? The book offers insights to stimulate thought about how we should think and how we should educate. A call to feed ourselves with questioning, learn scatteringly, and improve our own creativity will challenge many within a constrained educational system. But in pursuit of the unified learning principles that sit at ht heart of his work, this book attempts to delve into the approaches needed to take our own learning more original and thoughtful.

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