Taking School Work Home

Despite our best efforts, teachers inevitability bring school work home with them at least occasionally, which can impact on family life and make a mockery of our work/life balance. Yet, are there advantages to completing school work at home, as well as the obvious disadvantages?

Once we decide to complete work at home, are we doing so most effectively and in an appropriate environment, or are we trying to juggle marking spelling books while binge-watching a box-set?

In this #UKEdChat we will discuss the pros and cons of working at home to complete school work and how to improve the experience when we do.


  1. How often do you bring school work home and do you think that there is an expectation that you bring school work home?
  2. What are the main ‘cons’ of bringing school work home?
  3. What are the main ‘pros’ of bringing school work home?
  4. How much time do you spend completing school work at home, and what strategies could you use to reduce this?
  5. Where do you usually complete school work at home, and how suitable is for this purpose?
  6. What would you have in your ideal home office if you could?
  7. How can technology help improve how teachers work at home?
  8. How can we change the culture of teaching so that teachers don’t need to take work home?

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