Appreciating Teachers

Thursday 16th May 2019

With exam season now in full swing across many countries, it’s the time when all the hard work by teachers and their colleagues comes to fruition. But how good are we all at appreciating the hard work undertaken by our colleagues, be it at a local level, national level, or even international level. How can (or should) teachers appreciate the work and effort of their colleagues? Sharing resources….relieving the workload pressure…making a well-deserved cup of tea?

⁣⁣The #ukedchat session this week will explore how teachers appreciate the efforts of their colleagues, either within the local context, or through online sharing efforts, and so on. Join the chat on Twitter from 8pm on Thursday evening (UK).


Q1. Do you generally feel appreciated as a teacher?
Q2. What aspects of you and your teaching do your pupils appreciate the most?
Q3. Do you think that society appreciates the teaching profession? Why (not)?
Q4. How do you show appreciation for your colleagues?
Q5. What makes you feel appreciated?
Q6. What makes you feel underappreciated?
Q7. What good ideas have you seen to make teachers feel appreciated?
Q8. Would you consider tipping a colleague to show appreciation? See BBC News link at

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Chat participants:


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