Top 10 Perks of Teaching, according to the #UKEdChat community

Despite many challenges and pressures facing the teaching profession, taking a moment to step back an appreciate some of the positives can make you appreciate the joys to behold within the classroom. As part of a #UKEdChat discussion, teachers from around the UK shared the best perks of the job, which we have summarised here to help other colleagues reflect upon. We’re not really in it for the perks, are we?

In reverse order, let the countdown begin…

At Number 10…Stationery

All those pens, books, notepads, paperclips, bulldog clips. Wow! Visiting a stationery shop and feeling that you could use everything on sale! A true test of willpower.

Number 9…Feeling young (or old)

Feeling young (or old) as you work with the wonderful youth of tomorrow and the inspiration and encouragement that brings.

Number 8…Being a nerd

You love your subject, so you can nerd out, and enthuse, about the topic you love. You might even spend your days doing your hobby!

Number 7…Getting to blow things up!

This contribution came from a science teacher (obviously), but blowing things up… burning things … play with fire! Health and safety, clearly, but I am sure there is some element of play within your subject that just brings out that inner-child within, and you love teaching a particular unit of teaching as a result.

Number 6…Personal and professional development

Being in an environment where you can develop as a teacher. Many also like the research element of lesson prep, again nerd alert. Teaching actually makes you a better person…pretty big perk! The perk is the teaching, it’s a vocation that needs no extra reward. This does not mean the will is inexhaustible; work-life-balance, fair pay reasonable deadlines & clear strategy are some of the few things that help.

The top 5 are revealed on the next page…


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