Top 10 Perks of Teaching, according to the #UKEdChat community

Number 5…Each day different

Each day is different and it is never boring. Days are unique, experiences can be life changing, & you can honestly say that you’ve made a positive contribution – if you do it right!

Number 4…School trips

Not just an excuse for you to get out of the classroom for the day, or a few days, but seeing the looks on pupils faces when you go on residential. Some of them have never been to beach or sea. Having the privilege of being the person to see their ecstatic faces is priceless! One teacher said, “When taking a year six class to a cinema I sat with a child who’d never been before and just the excitement and awe coming from her was amazing! I love those moments where, thanks to you, they experience something new!” Priceless.

Number 3…Holidays

Although the holidays can seem generous, many are not aware that you might have to work beyond the classroom with planning, marking and paperwork! However, the holidays can also allow you to volunteer at some amazing things, or spend quality time with your friends and family, but at the same time teachers are penalised as the cost of holidays is very high.

Number 2…Lightbulb moments

Oh, the sound of that penny when it drops – when a student understands a tricky concept and you can see their passion for their learning growing. The rush of endorphins when the students achieve something – academically or emotionally. The “good day” feeling is immense. The feeling of being valued and contributing to society. The feeling that you are making a difference.

Number 1…Students

The joys of working with children rather than just adults – working with some amazing little people and be there for some of those ‘lightbulb’ moments which are so precious. Seeing the children grow as learners and individuals, children/parents saying lovely things to you and meaning them. Seeing an ex-pupil who has gone on to do amazing things is a massive perk even just the ones who have followed their passions. Feeling like a celebrity when spotted in town or supermarket! Yes, it’s those individuals who can make you laugh or cry, but at the end of the day, it’s all about them. Wow, what a perk!

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