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Thursday 6th June 2019

Session 458: At a micro level, most teachers will be undertaking research in the classroom every day. It’s not formal, it’s not written up and published, nor is it recognised as research by themselves or their leaders. Yet, trying different approaches with groups of pupils, or exploring a tweak of everyday pedagogy is all research at a micro level that informs their own classroom practice. But what about the more formal approaches to research in the classroom, and how can such investigation inform pedagogical development?

In this #UKEdChat session, we explored what research in the classroom looks like, and the impact it can have on one’s own development, the development of colleagues locally, and also at a wider level.


  1. Do you feel you are well informed about educational research? How could your knowledge of research be improved?
  2. Do you feel that teachers generally use research well in their classrooms? Why (not)?
  3. What was the most recent research-based strategy you deployed in your classroom and what was the impact?
  4. How does your school disseminate educational research to the staff, and is there the encouragement to experiment with new research ideas?
  5. How much difference does educational research make in your day-to-day classroom practice?
  6. What is your main source of educational research information and would it be beneficial to have access to educational academic journals?
  7. Have you conducted action research within your own classroom? What did you discover, or what would you like to investigate?
  8. What considerations need to made when conducting research with young people?

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