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Session 459: Assessment is a fundamental element of teaching and learning, whether ongoing as formative assessment from a teacher/mentor, a peer or by oneself, or endpoint summative tests/exams. There are myriad strategies and practices with which to assess, but which work best, and which can be used well in particular situations, and are there ‘one size fits all’ methods or should assessment be individualised to a specific classroom dynamic or pupil?

In this #UKEdChat discussion we explored what are the current assessment trends in classrooms, and how assessment can be improved to make learning more targeted for all.


  1. What is your main source (writing, discussion etc) of day-to-day assessment in your classroom?
  2. Are assessment strategies decided as a school, or are you free to assess how you please?
  3. Do you assess beyond the academic? What form does this take and how are such assessments used?
  4. Do you plan formative assessment opportunities, or do you ‘notice’ items of interest to inform your teaching?
  5. What role does technology play in assessment?
  6. What assessment practices do you think are (a) not worth doing and (b) vital to your teaching?
  7. Do you use peer-assessment in your classroom? If so, what has been the impact on learning? Do you provide ‘training’ to pupils?
  8. What advice and tips would you give to a new teacher on successful assessment?

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Chat participants:

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