Getting organised

Thursday 20th June 2019

Session 460: Being organised when the habitual chaos of school life is not just difficult to keep on top of, it is almost a full-time job in itself. With post-its stuck to almost any stationary surface (and even moving ones sometimes!) and piles of papers making a mockery of superlatives, with only the blessed teacher’s diary bringing a level of sense to bedlam.

Yet, with systems in place, good work habits, and preparation to avoid ‘knowable’ issues, teachers can miraculously remain on top of things. How do you keep yourself organised? Click here to add your ideas on the UKEd.Wiki website.


  1. Compared to your colleagues, do you feel professional organised? Why (not)?
  2. What school events/activities do you enjoy/hate organising and why?
  3. Do you think technology helps or hinders your organisational skills? How?
  4. What school-wide systems, routines, and yes…rules… keep everyone organised?
  5. What organisational aids, such as diaries or todo lists, do you use?
  6. What are your biggest tips for staying organised?
  7. What are your tips for keeping pupils organised?
  8. Poll: Do you have a messy desk or tidy desk, and why? View the poll here.

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