Great Leadership

Thursday 27th June 2019

Session 461: Working within a culture of great leadership – at many levels – can make such a positive impact on everyone working within the environment. Educational settings are no different, and working under a great leader within a department, school or key stage can influence the whole culture, and done correctly, can make people feel valued and working towards a shared goal for the benefit of the students.

So, what does great leadership look like, and what are the traits of good and bad leadership that you have witnessed? Following the online poll, #UKEdChat explored the virtues of great leadership.


  1. Is there a leadership gap in education?
  2. What can a great leader achieve that others cannot?
  3. What examples of poor leadership have you seen, and things which leaders should not do?
  4. What are the qualities of great leaders?
  5. How can great leadership skills be developed?
  6. How can leaders develop a strong team around them?
  7. When taking a leadership role, what strategies do you find useful and not useful?
  8. How can leadership skills be encouraged and developed in our pupils?

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