Encouraging Independence

Session 462 – In the school context, learning is usually seen as a collaborative social task, and there is much focus on working as a team: workshops; excruciating team building activities; meeting after meeting. Yet, much of the learning process, and the planning and preparation that teachers complete to make it happen, is done independently of others. Yet there isn’t the same level of training to enable teachers and pupils to work effectively independently.

Developing skills and the confidence to work independently is vital for both teachers and pupils, and allows teams to collaborate better when they do get together to work. So how can independence be encouraged and developed?

In this #UKEdChat discussion, held by the way on 4th July😊, we discussed how independence is viewed within schools, how to foster independence and confidence to do one’s own thing, along with strategies to work better when independently working.


  1. In your setting, is team work or independence giving greater value?
  2. Is independence of teachers encouraged within your school? How?
  3. Have you received training about how to work better when being independent, and what training would you like to have?
  4. How can colleagues collaborate and coordinate if working independently?
  5. What are the main barriers to working independently?
  6. Is independence or conformity valued more in the pupils within your school?
  7. Do you teach your pupils how they can be independent? How?
  8. What can we all do to develop greater confidence in others to work independently?

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