UKEdMag: Mindfulness – a miracle? by @bakshiaarti

To see the viciousness of aggression, foul language use, trying to get a foothold with the youngsters, is stunning to us all. It may be natural to think that there will be triggers, and that cause will lead to effect and that this is part of what makes the character of a child. However… such aggression at age 9? One such case was Rahul – a boy from a well-educated family, who could use the ‘choicest’ of words which would make you cringe.

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After circle times, and class discussions it was realised that he was mirroring his version of being ‘in power’. To tackle this and to ‘take control’, we used mindfulness techniques such as concentrating on his breath while sitting still. After he mastered the art of being ‘still like a frog,’ calming background music was introduced. He was made the Mindfulness monitor of the class, which led to him and his peers setting up a peace corner.

Ideas about ‘Anger triggers’, and discussions about what the body feels when it is angry, and a ‘worry box’ were added as strategies, along with calming kits, student-led circle time, and discussing worries and ways to solve them. In some cases, solution choices were voted on, with the highest votes being agreed on for the class, with a three-way acceptance between student and student, student to teacher and teacher to student.

@bakshiaarti School Counsellor – NCR, India

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