Increasing Aspiration

Session 463 – If we limit our ambition and hope of what might be, we are likely never to grow beyond that. There are so many ways that the aspirations of our pupils may be stunted, but it is vital that school shouldn’t be one of them, yet in a drive for conformity, and placing disproportionate value on easy to assess factors, ‘the system’ can devalue important attribute of our pupils and douse the fire of ambition. It should be the priority of schools to offer support for our pupils to achieve their dreams.

In this UKEdChat discussion, we will discuss what factors impact on aspirations, how schools can support pupils to realise their dreams, and also discuss the professional aspirations of teachers.


  1. In your opinion, what is the level of aspiration of the pupils in your school?
  2. In your opinion, what is the level of aspiration of the young people in wider society?
  3. What are the factors limiting aspirations and ambition of our young people?
  4. What do schools and the education system do to limit aspirations?
  5. What can schools and teachers do to boost aspirations and ambition of pupils?
  6. How can schools and teachers work with the wider community to boost the aspirations of our pupils?
  7. What are your own aspirations for your career?
  8. What can schools and the wider education system so to increase teachers’ career aspirations?

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