UKEdMag: The power of a dot by @TandLFactory

I used to find that as I circulated around my class, I’d see mistakes caused not through lack of understanding but through lack of care to attention or rushing. Once directed to these errors pupils were quite at ease correcting them, but I wanted a strategy that put the onus on the pupils, making them do the thinking! This is where the highlighter dot comes in.

Now as I circulate, if I see good work I congratulate the pupil, when I see an error I put a dot on the work in the margin. What I have found is without any further input from me as a teacher, the pupils who have made errors will compare their work to that of the pupil I praised, asking them for help if necessary. This gives pupils ownership of improving their own work.

I love the strategy as it forces pupils to reflect on their understanding and promotes self-explaining conversations amongst pupils.

@TandLFactory AST – North East England – This article originally appeared in Issue 55 of the UKEdMagazine – Click here to view.

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