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The Expert Teacher: Using pedagogical content knowledge to plan superb lessons













  • A great range of photos throughout to illustrate context of pedagogy.
  • A well-researched book, showcasing how different authors and teachers have mastered their subject pedagogy.
  • Explores many pedagogical strategies that strongly show how teaching and learning can be improved.
  • Interesting explorations how students develop cognitively, that impacts on teaching and learning.
  • Concept of pedagogical content knowledge is explored, to help overcome student misconceptions, and more.

In this day of trying to reduce the workload of teachers, pick-up-and-go lesson plans and resources, along with trying to ensure students get good exam results, it quite remarkable for someone to call that:

Lesson planning should not be simplified – it should be made complex and rich. Complex planning necessitates that we, the professionals, understand how learning happens, how our students ‘work’, how our subjects (specifically) are learned and how they can be taught better. Then, and only then, will we be able to plan lessons that are complete.

This book is not for the faint-hearted, it is not for teachers seeking quick fixes or superficial tricks. At the heart of the book is for teachers who are keen to experience the excitement of knowing and teaching their subject masterfully.

Through the six chapters, Darren Mead puts pedagogy at the heart of everything that should be done by a teacher – learning to know how our students learn best, exploring how your subject is best learned, as well as helping the reader transform their subject knowledge into multiple means of representing it in teachable ways.

This is a book for teachers who want to become experts in their subject area, utilising strategies that can support academic success for their students. Darren looks at various pedagogical strategies, beliefs and research to support his case throughout, offering a range of illustrations and examples to showcase ideas on how teachers can master their subject to the benefit of their students.


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