Smartphones in Schools

Thursday 5th September 2019

#UKEdChat session 470 - France has used legislation to outlaw the use of them entirely in schools. Other countries around the world are debating whether students should be allowed to bring them to school, or not. There is no doubt that the impact that Smartphones have had on society as a whole, and concerns continue in how young people use the technology and how it can impact negatively on their learning, wellbeing and mental health.

Following the online #UKEdChat poll, the session explored at the pros and cons of allowing smartphones in schools (including teachers). The session will asked:

  1. What is the current policy within your school in terms of Smartphones for students and teachers?
  2. For you, in your subject, can you see any advantage of using the technology smartphones offer to enhance teaching and learning?
  3. Have you seen any incidents where pupils using smartphones has been disruptive during teaching and learning?
  4. How does ‘tech inequality’, where some pupils cannot afford a suitable smartphone, shape smartphone use in your school/classroom?
  5. Whether allowed or not, what are the key aspects of using Smartphones that we should be teaching young people?
  6. Do schools have a duty to educate learners about how to use smartphones responsibly?
  7. What are your top tips for ensuring that pupils remain focused when using smartphones in class and how best to use them to enhance learning?
  8. How do you use your own smartphone to enhance your teaching and professional duties, and are these transferable to pupils?

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