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#UKEdChat session 471 – It can be a funny old game this teaching lark and many of us survive the day-to-day stresses by laughing, rather than crying. As a social species, humour is a fundamental part of developing group cohesion, yet I have never seen it mentioned in teaching or in insets, although perhaps I don’t get invited to that kind of party! But can a teacher ‘learn’ humour or is it something innate, and how can humour be deployed to enhance relationships and learning?

In this UKEdChat discussion, we will explore how the humour is used between colleagues to build better teams, how humour is used to enhance learning and what pitfalls teachers should look out for.

  1. What role does humour play in developing a school team?
  2. Do you think a sense of humour is an asset and is it valued by school senior management?
  3. Should pupil humour be discouraged or encouraged during lessons?
  4. Do you think teachers should be entertaining, or should pupils be intrinsically engaged?
  5. How can humour be used well as a teaching or behaviour management tool?
  6. How shouldn’t humour be used in class?
  7. How does humour change when teaching different age groups?
  8. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in your role as a teacher?

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