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Teach Like Nobody's Watching: The essential guide to effective and efficient teaching













  • The largest chapter, and given the most attention focuses on the lesson, and how to structure them most effectively.
  • Acknowledges that teaching has become a Sisyphean task with an unmanageable workload. The book aims to help teachers overcome such obstacles that are weaved into daily life.
  • Offers a lesson structure that can ensure progress is being made, ensuring that students' develop in your classroom positively.
  • A smaller section, towards the end, encourages school leaders to consider their own behaviours and to empower teachers to do what they do best.
  • The book seeks to give teachers permission to teach as though they were not being judged - empowering with the tools and confidence to do just that.

Review written by Colin HillSupported by Crown House Publishing

This book explores three key pillars that underpin effective, efficient teaching: the lesson, the curriculum and the school’s support structure.

Mark argues that quality education is rooted in simplicity. In this book, he convincingly strips away the layers of contradictory pedagogical advice that teachers have received over the years and lends weight to the three key pillars that underpin effective, efficient teaching: the lesson, the curriculum and the school’s support structure.

Part I considers the individual lesson and explores how lessons can be built around four simple elements: recap, input, application and feedback. Each chapter considers one aspect of the lesson in turn and discusses its importance – with a particular focus on how educational research can be applied to it in the classroom, how it might look in different subjects, and the potential pitfalls to avoid.

Part II recognises that lessons don’t happen in isolation but as part of a wider curriculum. This section tackles: the creation of a programme of study that takes pupils on a journey through your subject; the super-curriculum of what happens outside the classroom; the principles of assessment design; and how time in departments can be used to reduce workload and support a culture of excellence.

Finally, Part III looks at the role of the wider school in supporting teachers to teach like nobody’s watching and how leaders can help to set them free from some of the more burdensome pressures. In this section, Mark draws on the experience of school leaders in a range of different contexts to illustrate what they have done to support effective and efficient teaching in their schools.

Suitable for all teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

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